Consolidus In the Community

Consolidus is committed to participating in initiatives that uplift and support the communities we serve.

Our commitment to social responsibility is multi-faceted, encompassing staff volunteerism, financial contributions, in-kind support, educational opportunities, and the establishment of a donor-advised fund in collaboration with the Akron Community Foundation.

Our team members are encouraged to contribute their time and skills to volunteer activities that resonate with our company’s mission and values. From local home rehabilitation projects to mentoring programs for youth in underserved communities, our staff is actively engaged in making a positive impact.

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We continue to increase our contributions to regional, national, and international causes and nonprofit organizations.

financial Contributions

In 2023, we increased our contributions 117%, for a total of $120,000 in support for initiatives that promote social justice, environmental sustainability, education, workforce development, and more.

business contributions

Consolidus provides in-kind products and services to support organizations and projects aligned with our values.

Whether it’s offering pro bono design services, donating custom branded products and print materials, or providing guidance to start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs, we strive to utilize our expertise and resources for the greater good.

personal and professional growth

Consolidus takes pride in its longstanding commitment to nurturing talent and fostering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

With over a decade of offering internships and career opportunities for recent graduates, we’re dedicated to providing fast-growing and fulfilling careers in the digital economy and empowering the next generation of leaders. We open our doors to student groups, inviting them to our offices to engage in discussions on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and professional development.

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Our commitment

We’re committed to making a lasting impact, leveraging our resources, expertise, and passion to create positive change and build stronger, more resilient communities for all. 

In 2020, Consolidus partnered with the Akron Community Foundation to establish a donor-advised fund, further solidifying our commitment to philanthropy and community development. This fund allows us to strategically allocate resources to support initiatives that align with our mission and make a meaningful difference in the areas where we operate

Located in a HUBZone, Consolidus recognizes the importance of contributing to the economic development and empowerment of historically underutilized business zones. We actively engage with local stakeholders, businesses, and organizations to drive sustainable growth, create employment opportunities, and foster economic resilience within our community.

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