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Higher Education is rapidly growing, with high demands on institutions to enroll a greater number of students, recruit higher caliber facility members, and differentiate from competition. This is placing pressure on institutions to increase the marketing of their programs and focus on developing their brand.

It is important that institutions market their unique values and characteristics properly in order to create strong brand awareness. Branded materials provide long-term exposure and can significantly impact the perception of an institution.

However, when multiple departments across campus are ordering from a large number of vendors, institutions are putting their brand at risk and failing to leverage their buying power.

Needs Assessment

  1. Leverage entire institution’s collective spend
  2. Protect brand and mitigate brand misuse
  3. Process management – ease of ordering, seamless integration with order management system
  4. Build brand awareness through increased advertising impressions


Implementing an online custom e-store for your branded materials allows institutions to consolidate promotional product spending to receive significant cost savings, while giving you a seamless process and at the same time protecting your brand.

Client Profile

  • Over 29,000 enrolled students
  • $450,000+ annual promotional products volume

Program Benefits

  • Seamless Jaggaer integration through our custom built webstores
  • Dedicated Program Manager to guide you
  • A graphic design team to manage your brand
  • Over 11,000,000 custom products designed and delivered
  • Over 75 years experience in promotional products

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