Empowering Leadership at Inspire! On the Lake Women’s Leadership Event

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Empowering Leadership at Inspire! On the Lake Women’s Leadership Event

At Consolidus, we believe in fostering a SHARP team, where Smart, Humble, Accountable, Resourceful, and Passionate individuals thrive. Last week, our women senior leadership team members had the incredible opportunity to attend the Inspire! On the Lake Women’s Leadership event hosted by Authenica at the beautiful Waterwood estate. This experience was a great way to exercise our commitment to continuous growth and empowerment.

The event took place in a magnificent 38,000 sq ft venue with a rich history and breathtaking surroundings, manicured land that the owners spent years moving around to create an inviting landscape. It includes ancient trees and sightings of bald eagles are not uncommon. The estate, built in 1986 by the Browns, provided a perfect backdrop for reflection and inspiration.

Our leaders, Denise Cline, Lani Bever, Brooke Fiorille, Tiffani Hedler, and Krysti Horvat, participated in various sessions led by renowned speakers. Jenna Leigh hosted a session with a powerful exercise in positive self-talk. Davin Youngs, a sound and vibration specialist, guided us through a meditative session as we sat comfortably around a lap pool, emphasizing the fluidity and potential within us.

Katie Spoetz shared her awe-inspiring endurance feats, including rowing across the Atlantic, reminding us that motivation follows action and the importance of finding joy in small victories. Erica Ishida’s heartfelt story of overcoming challenges encouraged us to envision our future as if it had already been achieved, reinforcing the power of positive thinking. Van Lai-Dumone shared insights into the power of curiousity and her book, “What if Pigs Can Fly?”

Sue Mackey’s session was particularly impactful, highlighting that “dig sites are everywhere,” emphasizing the difference people make and the importance of time. The wisdom she gained from her mother’s post-it notes, and her light-hearted, “Forget the chops,” resonated deeply, inspiring us to focus on our passions rather than mundane worries.

The event concluded with powerful stories from Hillary Phelps and Deborah Sawaf, each embodying courage, resilience, and the power of words.

Our team returned with renewed energy, inspired to apply these lessons to enrich the lives of our people through intrapreneurship. Having a team of intrapreneurs is important as we provide the best value and experience with custom-branded merchandise. We are excited to continue our journey of innovation, consolidation, and saving, staying true to our core values and core focus. Big thank you to Craig at Authenica for hosting, and to Erica Ishida for welcoming us to hear her story.

You can learn more about Authenica events by going to Authenica.com.

the main room of waterwood where attendees started the day
Humble G the Fiddla plays his fiddle in the main room of waterwood
lap pool area
consolidus women leadership team members
a shot of waterwood from the northeast corner

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