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Ways Consolidus is Giving Back.

Taking steps as a business to pivot to the current situation in the world.

Our aim is to play an active role in being a part of the solution. As a “distributor,” we are an important part of the supply chain in helping customers and markets get valuable personal protective equipment (PPE) during this time. This has particular application in our health care markets like LeadingAge, Home Care Hospice (HCH), and our recent relationship as a benefit partner to the Nation Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

These customers have expressed their relief in having a credible source for these products.

As an active community partner during this time, we also expect to continue to play an ongoing role in being a source of support and relief to others during this time. We expect this will be a consistent effort. To a large extent, our ability to continue to offer others support depends on our health and ability to do so, which depends on our ability to continue to service and sale.

Here is a initial list of our outreach efforts:

  • Cash donation to Bounce Innovation Hub for their efforts to make PPE (pictured above).
  • We ordered 2,000+ face masks that we will be donating
  • Funding for the Haven of Rest
  • Funding for Akron/ Canton Foodbank
  • Funding for certain small / independently operated businesses We have slowed our collectibles from our microbrewery customers, who owe us money Donating 100+ masks to the health facility where our team member, Adam Biats’ moother works
  • We are providing delivered lunches to the nursing and care staff on the virus floors at Summa Health and are coordinating doing the same at Akron Children’s Hospital.
  • Note: We are ordering from a local eatery so this effort is supporting their sustainability. We are working on an idea to send “care packages” to customers, partners, etc. that include masks and the hand sanitizers that we bought for a conference for our program The conference  was cancelled in the wake of Covid-19.

We started to share this information with our customers:

Your purchase helps to support our community outreach and support efforts, including donating masks, providing meals to front line staff, and financial support to local small businesses and charities. Additionally, we continue to provide our staff with full time employment from the comfort and safely of their homes.

The important thing that we are letting them know is that their purchase does allow us to continue to play an active role in supporting others at this time.

Lastly, we are continuing to find and suggest other products from our industry that serves the markets needs at this time. Our entire team, our clients, partners, and our friends all help make this possible. Thank you all for playing a role in allowing us to serve others at this time.

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