NAEP IMPACT Award 2024

Consolidus Team Accepts NAEP Impact Award

Consolidus Honored with NAEP IMPACT Award 2024


In a recent celebration of collaboration and innovation, Consolidus has been honored with the NAEP (National Association of Educational Procurement) Impact Award. This award recognizes entities that have significantly contributed to the NAEP community through partnership, support, and collaboration, despite not being members of the organization itself.

As this year’s recipient, we are proud to stand out for our partnership with higher education clients and NAEP. We have consistently demonstrated a solutions-driven approach that has transformed the procurement of branded merchandise – a critical and complex aspect of institutional branding. 

NAEP recognized that our commitment to innovation was particularly evident when faced with the challenge of providing brand management solutions to smaller colleges and universities. Understanding the unique needs of these institutions, Consolidus integrates with different e-procurement software and builds strategic partnerships with our clients. Our custom e-commerce websites are tailored specifically to NAEP members’ requirements, streamlining their brand management procurement processes.

At Consolidus, our journey with the NAEP community extends over many years, characterized by a steadily increasing commitment and generous support for various initiatives. Our dedication to elevating procurement processes in higher education aligns with our key value offering, which includes brand management, process improvement, and cost savings.

Receiving the NAEP IMPACT Award is a recognition of our past accomplishments and our ongoing dedication to excellence and innovation in the promotional products industry. We are honored by this award and remain committed to making a positive impact in the higher education community and beyond.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our thanks to NAEP and our higher education clients for this recognition. It is a privilege to be a part of your mission, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and collaborate in the years to come!

You can learn more aboutNAEP and their National Awards here.

Todd Fitzwater speaking at NAEP Epic
Justin, Lindsey, and Todd at their booth at NAEP Epic
Lindsey speaking to higher education clients at NAEP Epic

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