Smart solutions for promotional products management

Innovate. Consolidate. Save.

The Consolidus promotional products management system makes it simple to leverage our consolidated volume and purchasing power across multiple departments, campuses and locations. As a result, our clients are able to achieve better brand management, greater cost savings, improved service quality, and easier procurement.

Stop The Maverick Spend

No more fragmented spending, misuse of brand, unreliable partners, and lack of reporting for your organization’s promotional products

Your organization may be spending too much on your branded promotional products if your employees are working outside of internal systems and approved vendors. This also causes fragmented reporting, messy workflows, and abuse of your brand. It can feel frustrating to have to gather information from dozens (or more!) of distributors and office leaders to find out who is spending what, where they are spending it, and what the end products look like.

With Consolidus, you can be confident that you are getting fair prices and excellent service from your promotional products partner and peace of mind knowing that you can track spending while getting better pricing for consolidating spending to one vendor.

“Prior to using our custom promotional products management system, I would walk across campus with my head down because I didn’t want to see all of the ways that our brand was being misused by student groups and departments. Now, I walk with my head up!”— University Communications & Marketing Director (Enrollment 28,000)

Consolidus has everything your organization needs for greater cost savings, improved service quality, easier procurement, and increased control for your branded promotional products

Consolidus Smart Sites

Smart Sites

Online stores & eCommerce sites, uniquely tailored to the needs of our customers and service markets

This approach allows us to create customizable online product catalogs specific to customer’s needs, so they can consolidate resources, protect their brand, and ultimately save their organization time and money.

Our SmartSites also offer seamless integration with eProcurement Solutions such as JAGGAER or UniMarket for additional cost savings.

Smart Products

Consolidus’s Smart Products are just that — smart!

Each product that you will find in your SmartSite has been curated for your organization based upon certain criteria and the product’s relevance to your unique needs and your particular industry. Although we have the same access to over one million products that you might find on other, more “general” sites, we give you the best of both worlds. We do the research ourselves and provide you with the most relevant products while still being able to provide you with any product in the industry, even if it is not featured on the site.

You no longer have to sift through hundreds and even thousands of products to find what you are looking for — we’ve done all of that for you, saving you time and money.

Consolidus Smart Products
Consolidus Smart Service

Smart Service

Each SmartSite comes fully equipped with SmartStaff, which includes:

  • Program Management
  • Product Expertise
  • Content Management
  • Graphic Design Services
  • IT Development
  • Order Processing Support

These staff members are available to speak with SmartSite users about any questions or comments concerning their experience with SmartSites. In addition to phone support, each and every SmartSite offers a real time “Live Help” option available to all users where they can chat live with a Support Specialist as they browse the site. This feature allows Consolidus’s SmartStaff to offer granular support at all levels of the SmartSite in real time.

Consolidus is passionate about delivering the best possible service available in the promotional products industry. Our business model allows us to know our customers & markets better than anyone and offer solutions that solves problems & delivers results.

Smart Pricing

Consolidus has achieved preferred pricing status with top suppliers in the promotional marketing industry.

As a result of Consolidus’s purchasing power and leverage, Consolidus can negotiate down to a per product basis and achieve the lowest prices available in the industry. Our negotiated pricing and the elimination of standard industry fees ensures that you will always pay the lowest price available for your branded promotional products, even on minimum quantity purchases, providing you with more value for each promotional dollar invested.

Our commitment to lean management practices and operational efficiencies allow us to eliminate unnecessary costs being passed on to our customers.

Put SmartPricing to work for your organization today!

Consolidus Smart Pricing


Can you integrate with my current eProcurement system?

Yes, we can integrate with multiple procurement systems such as Jaggaer, ESM, and UniMarket.

Are there additional costs for having a SmartSite?

There are no additional costs for your SmartSite as long as you meet a minimum monthly spend.

How much time does it take to set up?

It is a quick and easy set-up once we have identified a URL and whether or not connection to 3rd party procurement system is necessary. A typical launch takes 2 weeks. You will work with an onboarding team along the way.

What happens if there is a problem with the service?

We intend to amaze our clients, and any issues that might arise are handled quicky and to the satisfaction of our clients. We have a thorough incident reporting processes for any problems that may occur.

I already work with a promotional products vendor and am hesitant to switch.

We are sensitive to this and have strong case studies and clients who are willing to share their experience in this area. Give us a call and we can tell you about the significant cost savings and multiple other the ways your organization will benefit from making the switch to Consolidus’ promotional products management system.

Schedule a demo today to see how much Consolidus can save your business on wasted time & expenses for promotional products

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